Keep Rabbits Out Of The Garden

Rabbits have been my worst garden problem. They don’t bother my carrots but they sure damage tomatoes, lettuce and numerous other crops.

Some years ago I built a cute white picket fence around my raised garden beds. I didn’t want a tall fence. The wooden fence I built was very attractive. But it didn’t keep out rabbits. It wasn’t tall enough to stop the large rabbits from jumping and baby rabbits tunneled under it.

I took it down and we got a Beagle. For two years he kept all rabbits out of the garden. But he’s getting older and no longer has any interest in the bunnies. They know that and ignore him.

I purchased a rabbit repellent but it really smelled badly and had to be constantly reapplied.

I have been checking with lots of experienced gardeners. Many recommend a cat or dog. Quite a few suggest hair, human or animal, works well. One person said bamboo stakes with sharp points surrounding plants will keep rabbits away. Garlic powder had many supporters. Ground pepper or cayenne pepper were frequently mentioned. However, one person said that if the rabbit (or your pet) got pepper in its eyes, the animal will gouge his eyes out trying to stop the burning.

I’m not sure what I will try next but I see infant bunnies among my lilies and expect to see lots more damage if I don’t do something soon.

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